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The On-Line Professional Music Experience.

Best music production courses | best music production tutorials

Best Music Production Tutorial

The MusicMastermind.TV platform is a comprehensive & extensive learning resource for professional music development. Moreover, we understand it is very hard to find information towards professional music development. As a result, we crafted a centralized database of high-end professional music tutorials. In short, we’ve got the best online music production courses, recording, mixing & music business tutorials plus a proprietary music contract generator available to help you take your career to the next level, without having to spend years shadowing inside a pro studio, making failed attempts to “make it in music” without any results or or spending thousands of dollars on traditional education vehicles.

Online Music Production Courses

What makes us different…

affordable memberships

Are you tired of expensive & basic courses that require a long-term financial commitment? With MusicMastermind.TV, not only will you have access to the right information form the source, but you won’t have to accept to a long term contract. We provide access to all of our content through monthly memberships, which you can pause/cancel/upgrade/downgrade at any time you want without any penalties. In short, we want you to grow with us and we tailored our platform to be flexible with any situation in your journey.

Visual & accessible

We’ve made an effort to prepare and present our content in a very visual and accessible manner. As a result, we break down complex and long subjects into digestible pieces of information which are easy to understand.

real-world musical examples

Our modules are designed with music in mind. All the information inside our videos come from a collective compilation of real experiences inside Noisematch Studios, showing musical applications as the end result. We’ll literally show you how you can take an idea and turn it into an award-worthy project.


Best Music Production Tutorials

Do you want to learn music recording techniques? In our Advanced Recording Techniques module, we cover everything from basic audio principles to acoustic recording techniques for almost every instrument family available. In addition, we also study console signal flow using the SSL Duality and the different approaches for hybrid analog/digital audio recording.

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Music Producer Alex J at Noisematch Studios in Miami FL

Online Music Production Courses

Are you looking for the best music production tutorials online? Look no further. We offer the best online music production courses. Inside the module, we analyze everything from basic beat making concepts to advanced music production techniques. Join award-winning music producer Alex J. as he gives you an “over the shoulder” look into producing music at a high level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had zero experience or if you’re just starting out. Above else, all you need is the determination to learn & we’ll provide the rest.

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Best music production courses | best music production tutorials

Mixing is a complex process that is unique for every piece of music. The goal is to sonically shape music to not only achieve e a signature sound, but that it will reproduce properly anywhere. There are many things to consider: multi-step gain-staging, level blending, dynamics, stereo spectrum behavior, amongst others. Our advanced mixing techniques modules is a detailed and thorough compendium of information towards the mastery of audio mixing techniques. We’ll show you how to apply professional audio mixing techniques, wether you’re mixing in a laptop or in a studio…REGARDLESS of the genre. 

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Understanding Music Business | Noisematch Studios Miami FL

It’s hard to navigate the music industry. There’s just so much information and every step you take requires a lot of knowledge, time & money. Let us help you cut through the clutter and introduce you to the express lane. Our Music Business Pro module focuses on establishing the blueprint for music business success for artists, producers & engineers. There’s training sessions on artist development, music marketing & more. There’s also our ContractHub tool, which enables users to generate on-demand legal contracts for whatever activities they’re pursuing. Forget about buying contracts or spending thousands of dollars in legal fees for contracts that you don’t understand how to use or fill out.   Our tool is simple and produces a completely filled out PDF document simply by filling out a form & answering some questions.

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Music Contracts | Music Business

Most pages selling contracts online are not worth it. They’ll charge you hundreds of dollars in a contract or contracts that don’t really work well and that you don’t understand how to use them. Thankfully we have a solution to that problem.

Our ContractHUB tool is the culmination of almost a decade of legal experience in the palm of your hands. With our ContractHub you’ll be able to generate as many legal music contract as you like with clear instructions simply by filling out an online form.
We have contracts for:
-Music production
-Mixing engineers
-Songwriter split-sheets & much more. 










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