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MusicMastermind.TV a centralized database of high-end tools for professional music development accessible to everyone regardless of their purchase power or skill level. The idea of having to spend years shadowing inside a pro studio to learn, making failed attempts to “make it in music” without any results and spending thousands of dollars on traditional vehicles is out the window.

Our courses

These are just some of the courses and tools you'll find inside the platform...

In our Advanced Recording Techniques module, we cover everything from basic audio principles to advanced recording techniques for almost every instrument family available. In addition, we also study console signal flow using the SSL Duality and the different approaches for hybrid analog/digital audio recording.

In our Advanced Artist Development module, we will take a look at a living & evolving 10 year-old solid framework to develop music careers in the professional music landscape. From style development, to branding and marketing, this is an incredibly unique module crafted from real life experience of developing A-list music projects.

Inside the Better Beat Bootcamp We’re going to do a deep dive on all of the core fundamentals that can bring

life to your music: EQ, Dynamics, FX & stereo concepts. We’ll also talk about mixing principles and how we can avoid 99% of the problems most beatmakers have when producing a beat and the dangers of OVERDOING the process & much more!

We invited some of the who’s who of professional music: musicians, film directors, vocal & music producers, engineers, publishing specialists & media rockstars to come join us in a private conversation over 3 days and speak on their craft, their journey and how you can take actionable steps to take your professional career to the next level based on their experience and feedback. 

Our Youtube Rocket Program is the most advanced course for music makers when it comes to developing their stamp in Youtube. Inside, we'll discuss discuss how to "hack" Youtube's algorithm for optimal positioning, how to create a content production engine that enables your channel to grow on auto-pilot & much more!

Why spend countless hours looking at Youtube University when you can learn exactly what it is that you need to become a content-churning machine? The Premiere Pro Ninja Edits Training is the ultimate video production course by music-makers for music-makers.

Our ContractHUB is a cloud-based legal tool that will allow you to generate legal contracts on-demand after completing a simple questionnaire. There's also dedicated instructional videos in order to help you use and maximize these contracts.

MIDI+Sample tools to take your creativity to the next level!

MusicMastermind Sonic Laboratory is a division dedicated to building high-quality MIDI & Audio Sample products to help music makers expedite & maximize their idea creation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly commitment for the ALL ACCESS PASS? 

NOPE! No monthly commitments! You can always downgrade to a FREE account and still get access to the FREE content!

Can I download the video courses?

Sadly no. We're 100% cloud based, meaning you'll need to have a device with an internet connection in order to access our videos.

Will the ContractHUB replace my entertainment attorney?

NEVER! The ContractHUb is amazing but it can never replace sound legal advice from an entertainment attorney, nor it is a replacement. It is design to expedite the creation of simple legal instruments.

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