❗Here’s 10 music production tips & secrets the music industry doesn’t want you to know about.🕵

🎸Join award-winning producer Alex J. as he talks about his top music production tips on how to become a better music producer and take your beats/music to the next level. We know how hard it is to produce music, specially if you have limited resources and working from home but don’t feel discouraged as every major producer, no matter how big, started from scratch. This is why we put together a nice list of music production tips to help you progressively climb the ladder towards a better sound without wasting time or getting frustrated at the process. Above all, remember to always have fun and enjoy every second of your music making journey.

In conclusion, these music production tips apply to you wether you’re a beginner and just started to produce music, or you’re a seasoned veteran that’s been doing music production for a very long time. In other words, it applies to EVERYONE regardless of where they are in their journey.



01:26 – Conversation outline.

03:18 – Some DAW’s just sound better.

06:00 How to make your drums POP.

08:53 – Transient design.

10:44 – Music Theory/Chord extraction.

14:33 – Loops & samples.

16:55 – Songwriting formulas SUCK.

18:26 – Using Templates.

19:41 – Analog Vs. Virtual Synths

22:45- You can get the “Pro Sound’ at home myth.

29:16 – The Magic “KEY” channel for recording vocals and speeding up your workflow 10x

Award-winning producer Alex J working at Noisematch Studios in Miami, FL.

Award-winning producer Alex J working at Noisematch Studios in Miami, FL.


Alex J is a music producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist from Miami, Florida. His credits include: Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin, J balvin, Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, Natalie Cole, Sebastián Yatra, amongst others. He is the CEO of founder of The Noisematch group & Noisematch Studios in Miami, FL.




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